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The 2010s

I started the decade childless and am ending it with three, so I have missed most of the 2010s’ pop culture. This includes the entire Transformers franchise and most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (so, not much missed then?)

  • Film: “Get Out”
  • Blockbuster/action film: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”
  • Album: “Hamilton”
  • Single: “Rolling in the Deep”
  • TV Show: “Veep”
  • Single Season: “The Leftovers” season 2
  • Book Fiction: “The Dark Forest” (or “Death’s End” if you count the publication of the first Chinese edition, but TDF is superior)
  • Book Non Fiction: “Antifragile”
  • Athlete of the Decade: The Đoković-Federer-Nadal trio, but if I had to pick one then obviously Đoković.

Movies and music were better in the 2000s, but oh what time to watch TV and follow tennis. It’s too early to judge the books (though it’s telling that my favorite was originally written in 2008).

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