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Day Seven

Day Six

Day Five

Day Four

Day Three

  • Reading: TCR and TCL1A collaboration in T-PLL, an article from late last year about T prolymphocytic leukemia, sometimes called T-CLL, both being misnomers.
  • Watching: Video of a hawk (or is it a falcon?) picking on a rat carcass on top of a traffic light in DC, courtesy of my wife. I’ll spare you the gory details.
  • Playing: Hunt a Killer, which is a birthday present I may finally get to since we are now 2 for 3 in rainy days this year.
  • Thinking: If I am typing this on the phone is it still considered writing?

Day Two

  • Reading: My Name is Red and A Pattern Language, still. The beginning few chapters of the latter give the best explanation for why McMansions are a waste of space, with square foot upon square foot of single-use (or no-use!) space.
  • Watching: Season 1 of The Americans soon to be completed. Tough stuff.
  • Playing: Dark Souls III (or rather I will attempt to do so… the Elder Signs game went fine yesterday until the youngest decided sucking on monster tokens is great use of his time)
  • Eating: black beans (like most cooking websites this one too has SEO’d itself into parody, but it is a good recipe)
  • Thinking: Does birdwatching count as playing? Because with the gorgeous weather outside a walk in the woods will be in order.

Day One

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